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Ningbo Xuanshi ELectronics Co.,Ltd is Rubber Extension Cable Manufacturers and OEM Rubber Extension Cable Factory.We are specializes in manufacturing all types of plugs, sockets, pvc or rubber cable, power cords, extension cords and cable reels. Our wholesale Rubber Extension Cable passed the ISO9001 international quality certification and BSCI inspection. we have also obtained safety approval of UL/CUL(USA), PSE(Japan), SII(Israel), CE(European Community), VDE/GS/TUV(Germany), BSI(England), NF(France), IMQ(Italy), KC(South Korea), SAA(Australia) and so on. Our products have been exported to all over the world especially for Europe, Japan, Israel and North America, and have won high reputations among our clients.


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What is Rubber Extension Cable
A rubber extension cable is a type of electrical cable that has a rubber outer insulation layer, which makes it resistant to weather and wear and tear. This type of cable is commonly used in outdoor and industrial settings where durability and flexibility are important factors. The rubber outer layer provides protection against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that can damage the electrical wiring inside.

Advantages of Rubber Extension Cable
There are some advantages of Rubber Extension Cable,such as:
1.Durability: Rubber extension cables are made with rubber insulation, which provides excellent protection against physical wear and tear.
2.Water Resistance: Rubber cables are resistant to water, making them ideal for use outdoors or in damp environments.
3.Flexibility: The rubber insulation provides flexibility, making it easy to maneuver the cable and route it in tight spaces.
4.Electrical Insulation: Rubber insulation provides excellent electrical insulation, reducing the risk of electrical shock or fire.
5.Cost-Effective: Rubber extension cables are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of extension cables, making them an economical choice.
6.Easy to Use: They are lightweight, easy to handle and are equipped with connectors that make them simple to connect to devices.
7.Widely Available: Rubber extension cables are widely available, making it easy to find the length and gauge required for a particular application.

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