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Ningbo Xuanshi ELectronics Co.,Ltd is Industrial Extension Cords Manufacturers and OEM Industrial Extension Cords Factory.We are specializes in manufacturing all types of plugs, sockets, pvc or rubber cable, power cords, extension cords and cable reels. Our wholesale Industrial Extension Cords passed the ISO9001 international quality certification and BSCI inspection. we have also obtained safety approval of UL/CUL(USA), PSE(Japan), SII(Israel), CE(European Community), VDE/GS/TUV(Germany), BSI(England), NF(France), IMQ(Italy), KC(South Korea), SAA(Australia) and so on. Our products have been exported to all over the world especially for Europe, Japan, Israel and North America, and have won high reputations among our clients.


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What is Industrial Extension Cords
Industrial extension cords are heavy-duty power cords designed for use in industrial and commercial settings. They are built with thicker, more durable insulation and higher quality components than standard extension cords, allowing them to handle higher loads and withstand harsher environments.Industrial extension cords typically have a higher amperage rating and are available in various lengths and gauges to accommodate different power needs. They may also have additional safety features, such as strain relief and grounded connectors, to reduce the risk of electrical shock and other hazards.These cords are commonly used in construction sites, workshops, factories, and other industrial settings where power tools and machinery are used. 

Advantages of Industrial Extension Cords
Industrial extension cords have several advantages, including:
1.Increased flexibility: Industrial extension cords allow you to connect tools and equipment to power sources that are located farther away. This can increase your flexibility when working on job sites or in large warehouses.
2.Improved safety: Industrial extension cords are designed to withstand harsh environments and heavy usage. They are typically made with high-quality materials that can resist abrasion, impact, and exposure to chemicals and water. This helps to reduce the risk of electrical shock or fires.
3.Enhanced durability: Industrial extension cords are built to last. They are typically designed with heavy-duty insulation and connectors that can withstand frequent use and abuse. This can save you money over time by reducing the need for frequent replacements.
4.Higher amperage ratings: Industrial extension cords are often rated for higher amperage than standard household extension cords. This means that they can safely handle the power demands of larger tools and equipment.
5.Increased length: Industrial extension cords are available in longer lengths than household extension cords, which can be useful when you need to connect equipment that is located farther away from the power source.

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