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Ningbo Xuanshi ELectronics Co.,Ltd is Japan Sockets Manufacturers and OEM Japan Sockets Factory.We are specializes in manufacturing all types of plugs, sockets, pvc or rubber cable, power cords, extension cords and cable reels. Our wholesale Japan Sockets passed the ISO9001 international quality certification and BSCI inspection. we have also obtained safety approval of UL/CUL(USA), PSE(Japan), SII(Israel), CE(European Community), VDE/GS/TUV(Germany), BSI(England), NF(France), IMQ(Italy), KC(South Korea), SAA(Australia) and so on. Our products have been exported to all over the world especially for Europe, Japan, Israel and North America, and have won high reputations among our clients.


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What is Japan Sockets
Japan uses two types of electrical sockets: Type A and Type B.
Type A sockets are the same as the standard North American two-pronged plugs with unpolarized blades. They operate on a 100-volt supply voltage and are rated for up to 15 amps. These sockets are commonly found in older buildings and in rural areas.
Type B sockets are similar to the Type A sockets, but they have a grounding pin below the two blades. They operate on the same voltage and amperage as Type A sockets. Type B sockets are becoming more common in newer buildings and in urban areas.

Advantages of Japan Sockets
Japan sockets have several advantages, including:
1.Safety: Japan sockets are designed to be safe and prevent accidents. They feature a unique plug design that requires the user to insert the plug and twist it to lock it in place. This helps prevent the plug from accidentally falling out and causing a potential hazard.
2.Compact design: Japan sockets are typically smaller and more compact than other types of sockets, which makes them easy to fit in small spaces. This is particularly useful in Japan, where living spaces are often small and compact.
3.Compatibility: Japan sockets are compatible with many different types of plugs, including the Type A and Type B plugs commonly used in North America. This makes them convenient for travelers from different parts of the world.

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