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Ningbo Xuanshi ELectronics Co.,Ltd is Extension Sockets Manufacturers and OEM Extension Sockets Factory.We are specializes in manufacturing all types of plugs, sockets, pvc or rubber cable, power cords, extension cords and cable reels. Our wholesale Extension Sockets passed the ISO9001 international quality certification and BSCI inspection. we have also obtained safety approval of UL/CUL(USA), PSE(Japan), SII(Israel), CE(European Community), VDE/GS/TUV(Germany), BSI(England), NF(France), IMQ(Italy), KC(South Korea), SAA(Australia) and so on. Our products have been exported to all over the world especially for Europe, Japan, Israel and North America, and have won high reputations among our clients.


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What is Extension Sockets
An extension socket, also known as a power strip or surge protector, is a device that allows multiple electrical devices to be connected to a single power outlet. It typically has a long cord with a plug on one end and multiple outlets on the other end, which allows users to plug in multiple devices at once.Extension sockets may also have additional features such as surge protection, which helps protect connected devices from power surges or spikes, and overload protection, which can help prevent damage to the extension socket and connected devices if too much power is drawn from the outlet.Extension sockets are commonly used in households, offices, and other settings where there may be a limited number of power outlets available or where devices need to be plugged in at a distance from the outlet. 

Advantages of Extension Sockets
Extension sockets are devices that allow multiple electrical devices to be plugged into a single electrical outlet. Here are some advantages of using extension sockets:
1.Increased functionality: Extension sockets allow you to increase the number of electrical devices that can be used in a single room or area. This can be especially useful in areas where there are limited power outlets.
2.Convenience: Extension sockets can make it easier to connect devices that are located far away from a power source. Instead of having to move the device closer to the outlet, you can simply use an extension socket to connect the device.
3.Cost-effective: Using an extension socket can be more cost-effective than having to install additional power outlets. This is especially true if you only need additional power for a short period of time, such as during a special event.
4.Reduced clutter: By allowing you to connect multiple devices to a single outlet, extension sockets can help reduce the amount of clutter caused by multiple cords and power adapters.
5.Surge protection: Many extension sockets come with built-in surge protection, which can help protect your devices from damage caused by power surges and spikes. This is especially important for sensitive electronic devices, such as computers and televisions.

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